Astropy: a community Python library for Astronomy

The Astropy Project is a community effort to develop a common core package for Astronomy in Python and foster an ecosystem of interoperable astronomy packages.

The Astropy community is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion.

Please remember to acknowledge and cite the use of Astropy!

What's new in Astropy 5.3?

Install Astropy

The Anaconda Python Distribution includes astropy and is the recommended way to install both Python and the astropy package. Once you have Anaconda installed use the following to update to the latest version of astropy:

conda update astropy
If you instead installed miniconda, you can use the following to install astropy and its dependencies:

conda install astropy
To install astropy from source into a existing Python installation without using Anaconda, use the following:

pip install astropy

More detailed installation instructions (e.g., for building from source code locally) are in the documentation.

Learn Astropy

You can explore the functionality available in Astropy by checking out the Example Gallery, Tutorials, and Documentation.

Example Gallery Tutorials Documentation

Get Help

If you have any questions regarding using Astropy there are numerous channels for communication. Post to any one of several forums to get help from our active, helpful, and friendly community of users and developers.

Get Help

Report bugs and Contribute

If you encounter something you believe to be a mistake, error, or bug, the best way to get it addressed is to report it on the github issue tracker. If you aren't sure if something is a bug or not, or if you don't have a Github account, feel free to ask on one of the forums. If you believe you know how to fix the problem, please consider contributing!

Report issues Contribute

Support Astropy

If you use Astropy in your work, we would be grateful if you could include an acknowledgment in papers and/or presentations. See Acknowledging & Citing Astropy for details.

You can also purchase apparel and trinkets from, and a portion of the profits go to support the project!

If you are interested in directly financially supporting Astropy (either one-time or recurring), you can do so via our fiscal sponsor NumFOCUS:

Donate to Astropy

Zenodo community

Documents, notes from previous meetings, and talks about Astropy are collected in a Zenodo community for long-term archiving. Everyone is encouraged to submit talks, etc. and other relevant materials.

Zenodo community