Acknowledging or Citing AstropyΒΆ

In Publications

If you use Astropy for work/research presented in a publication (whether directly, or as a dependency to another package), we ask that you please cite the Astropy papers:

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We provide the following LaTeX/BibTeX acknowledgment if there is no specific place to cite the papers:

This research made use of Astropy,\footnote{} a community-developed core Python package for Astronomy \citep{astropy:2013, astropy:2018}.

As an alternative, the BibTeX record recommended for a given version of Astropy is available from the Python package itself:

import astropy

In Presentations

If you are giving a presentation or talk featuring work/research that makes use of Astropy and would like to acknowledge Astropy, we suggest using this logo on your title slide:

Powered by Astropy

The logo is also available with white text, or the SVG originals can be obtained at the astropy-logo github repository.

In Projects

If you are using Astropy as part of a code project (e.g., affiliated packages), a useful way to acknowledge your use of Astropy is with a badge in your README. We suggest this badge:

Powered by Astropy Badge

Which is available at the URL If your code is hosted on github, You can place the following in your file to get the badge: