Acknowledging or Citing Astropy

In Publications

If you use Astropy for work/research presented in a publication (whether directly, or as a dependency to another package), we ask that you cite the Astropy Paper II (ADS - BibTeX).

We provide the following as a standard acknowledgment you can use if there is not a specific place to cite the paper:

This research made use of Astropy, a community-developed core Python package for Astronomy (Astropy Collaboration, 2018).

This paper is still under review, however, and an earlier paper is available describing the status of the package at the time of v0.2. If your work has used Astropy since then, you can instead cite (Astropy Collaboration, 2013, 2018) where (Astropy Collaboration, 2013) is a citation to the first Astropy Paper (ADS - BibTeX).

If you wish, you can also include a link to (if the journal allows this) in addition to the above text.

In Presentations

If you are giving a presentation or talk featuring work/research that makes use of Astropy and would like to acknowledge Astropy, we suggest using this logo on your title slide:

Powered by Astropy

The logo is also available with white text, or the SVG originals can be obtained at the astropy-logo github repository.

In Projects

If you are using Astropy as part of a code project (e.g., affiliated packages), a useful way to acknowledge your use of Astropy is with a badge in your README. We suggest this badge:

Powered by Astropy Badge

Which is available at the URL If your code is hosted on github, You can place the following in your file to get the badge: