Affiliated Packages

A major part of the Astropy project is the concept of “Affiliated Packages”. An affiliated package is an astronomy-related Python package that is not part of the astropy core package, but has requested to be included as part of the Astropy project’s community. These packages are expressing an interest in Astropy’s goals of improving reuse, interoperability, and interface standards for python astronomy and astrophysics packages.

If you are developer interested in signing up as an affiliated package, details are at the end of this page.

Other packages

Stable packages

In development

These packages are still very much in development, and the user interface (API) may not be stable. If you do try these packages, please do report any issues to the developers.

Affiliated Packages Registry

The following table lists all currently registered affiliated packages. This table is determined from the json file, which is the actual authoritative registry.

Package Name Stable Provisional PyPI Name Web Page Code Repository Maintainer

The Stable column indicates whether the package maintainer consider the package to be ready for use. Packages that are under heavy development and for which the user interface is likely to change significantly in the near future are marked as No.

The Provisional column indicates packages that have been provisionally accepted as affiliated packages, but may be removed from the registry in the future if they don't make sufficient progress towards meeting Astropy standards (See below for more).

Becoming an Affiliated Package

If you are a developer of an astronomy package and would like your package to become affiliated with the Astropy project, contact the Astropy coordination commitee by leaving a message on the astropy-dev group requesting affiliated package status. The committee and community will consider the package based on the standards below. If your package is judged by the committe to meet these standards, it will be added to the affiliated package registry. If the package is not quite at these standards, but working towards them, the package will be given "provisional" status. Provisional packages will be re-evaluated yearly by the coordinating committee. In this re-evaluation, the package will either be judged to meet the standards and no longer be provisional, or if little or no progress is being made, it may be removed from the registry.

A candidate affilated package will be judged by the coordination committee on the following standards:

Affiliated Package Template

If you are considering creating a new astronomy package and would like it to be an Astropy affiliated package, we provide a package template to make it much easier to meet these standards. It provides the necessary structure to generate documentation like that used in the astropy package, a ready-to-use testing framework, and a variety of tools that streamline tasks like user configuration, caching downloaded files, or linking C-compiled extensions. More details on this template are available in the usage instructions for the template.